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Let's start co-creating positive change now. 

I innovate ideas and solutions.

Business Model Innovation

Whether you need help with developing, realigning or reinventing your business model, I’d love to take on your high-potential challenge. Let’s co-create value and innovation for a sustainable impact in your industry and beyond.

I shape purpose-driven cultures.

Team Design & New Ways of Working

Based on new organizational designs like Holacracy and Lean and methodologies like Design Thinking, I’m eager to help align your work culture with your identity and value activities. Let’s redesign roles, leadership, and processes to leverage the individual’s potential.

I spread value-driven stories.

Brand Communication and Storytelling

With new technologies, brands need to engage with their audience through real conversations, unique storytelling and smart use of social media. Let’s create and spread your mission, goals and achieved impact together.

My Opinion & Insights on #TheFutureOfWork & #SocialChange


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Unternehmen müssen #GenerationUnruhe klarmachen, welchen Beitrag sie leisten können, wo der Sinn der Aufgabe liegt. Die Generation will mehr sein als Arbeitsdrohne sagt @MonikaJiang #hansundmarie @diffferent

Von narzisstischen Kicks, der Suche nach einem tieferen Sinn und dem Wertschätzungsverlangen bei einer innerlich zerrissenen (oder ewig unzufriedenen?) Generation. @diffferent hat die „Generation Unruhe“ (14-29J) analysiert. #hansundmarie


Entitled, restless, ambivalent - how do #Millennials and #GenZ perceive their own generation? Looking forward to recent research findings by @diffferent and discussions at #HansundMarie in an hour! Hosted in collab w/ @_houseofbb #futureofwork

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