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Rewriting the rules of business for purpose-driven work, post growth and social change.
The Future Is Now.

Purpose-driven business.

Business Transformation

I challenge the status quo, identify opportunities for positive change, and help navigate your business towards a purpose-driven company culture and sustainable growth.

A changed narrative.

Strategic Communication and Storytelling

In a world of noise, I develop and actualize unique strategies that connect and involve audiences by approaching digital media creatively, and through stories that matter.

Shared learnings.

Speaking and Writing

Building bridges between different generations and mindsets, I’m advocating for a holistic change in today’s world of business towards purpose, humane tech, and social inclusion.

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Imagine if companies would exist to serve their purpose long-term, instead of losing it to shareholders and investors - a key element to rethink the economy and business. #StewardOwnership w/ @albertwenger @glsbank @Alnatura and more! #beautifulbusiness #futureofwork #neweconomy

I just signed The Copenhagen Letter. A letter on the values that guide technology today: #cphletter I signed up where the last person was #4,999. So I hope I helped them get to #5,000. Great letter.

We won’t need as many coders, but we will need people with #digitalliteracy. Many #STEM jobs will be automated. A disruptive culture needs people who can adapt: @wef #beautifulbusiness #futureofwork #futureskills #lifelonglearning #culturechange

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