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Reimagining the rules of business, by making it more beautiful.
The Future Is Now

Purpose-driven business.

Business Transformation

I challenge the status quo, identify opportunities for positive change, and help navigate your business towards a purpose-driven company culture and sustainable growth.

A changed narrative.

Strategic Communication and Storytelling

In a world of noise, I develop and actualize unique strategies that connect and involve audiences by approaching digital media creatively, and through stories that matter.

Shared learnings.

Speaking and Writing

Building bridges between different generations and mindsets, I’m advocating for a holistic change in today’s world of business towards more purpose, humane tech, and social inclusion.

Latest Posts

"What ließ behind all social justice problems is an asymmetry of power, which is very often corporate power."

#House19 Residents @HengeveldMaria & @daspitzberg
on #Millennials & #LaborUnions.
To be continued at @_houseofbb. #workersrights #futureofwork

Is #WeWork, trading at 26x revenues, superior to Amazon, which trades at 4x revenues?

No defensible IP, no technology, no regulatory moats, no network effects, and no flywheel effect (the ancillary businesses are stupid, just stupid).


Making the #foodsystem more efficient: planting of trees, substantial #bioenergy to help reduce the use of fossil fuels, and holistic innovation on how food is produced, distributed, and consumed-such as catalyzed by @thoughtforfood_ #ClimateCrisis

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