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Rewriting the rules of business for purpose-driven work, post growth and social change.
The Future Is Now.

Purpose-driven business.

Business Transformation

I challenge the status quo, identify opportunities for positive change, and help navigate your business towards a purpose-driven company culture and sustainable growth.

A changed narrative.

Strategic Communication and Storytelling

In a world of noise, I develop and actualize unique strategies that connect and involve audiences by approaching digital media creatively, and through stories that matter.

Shared learnings.

Speaking and Writing

Building bridges between different generations and mindsets, I’m advocating for a holistic change in today’s world of business towards purpose, humane tech, and social inclusion.

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"Not only is the world more equal again, the distribution has also shifted to the right – #poverty has fallen faster than ever before in human history." @albertwenger on reasons for #optimism at #DLD19: w/ stats via @OurWorldInData @MaxCRoser

"There is an almost perfect inverse relation between how much your work directly benefits others, and remuneration. The result is a toxic political culture of resentment." via @TheEconomist @davidgraeber #futureofwork #neweconomy #society #backtowork

The result of a #WinnerTakesAll economy where 'firms become invasive, cause premature death, and won't let other firms emerge.' 2019 is the time to break up with #bigtech: via @Esquire
#newyear #siliconvalley #futureofwork #beautifulbusiness

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